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#4 Movie Review: The Veil (2016)

WOW I’m on a roll here now!! Film number 4! Again it’s a horror movie….think you’ll get an theme with that here, so lets do this, the actual Film synopsis

Thirty years after a charismatic cult leader convinced his followers to kill themselves, a survivor returns to the scene of the horror with a documentary crew.

The Cast ( I will just point out the main characters of the movie, if you like to see the full cast click here)

  • Jessica Alba as Maggie Price
  • Thomas Jane as Jim Jacobs
  • Lily Rabe as Sarah Hope
  • Shannon Woodward as Jill

The story is an interesting one. to start off with we open up and immediately believe we’re about to be sucked into the world of an outlandish and far-out thinking cult. A number of unexpected twists keep the story moving along at a stealthy pace while avoiding the delivery of a film that seems to freely “borrow” content from other similar features. Make no doubt, you’ll spot a handful of genre clichés, but the turns the story takes before finally reaching its conclusion keep us a little off guard.

The questions I got asked a lot were: is this a slasher movie?, ghost story?, or just a cult type of movie?….well the answer is yes … YES to all those questions, there hints to sub-genres within the movie itself but the import thing is how the writer Robert Ben Garant and director Phil Joanou give a dual middle finger to the rules of horror, and work their own vision that adopts mannerisms of countless other films.

Jessica Alba does a great job as the strong-willed final girl. Thomas Jane is nearly unrecognizable as the cult leader Jim Jacobs who leads his few dozen followers in a mission of mass suicide, you also  got impressive supporters like Lily Rabe who’s perfectly impossible to read as Sarah.

Is this movie for you? If you want to be entertained then YES The Veil will give you that!

Overall 3/5